Traditional Automatic Mahjong Table with Chinese tiles

Chinese Tiles 144Pcs/Set, One set blue,One set green( Tiles size 38 MM )

According to the method of loading:

1, first run backward host carton, carton unpack at the bottom of the styrofoam.

2, base on square carton with the host, the power cord, two sets mahjong tiles and eight screws,

The base side have round hole position accuracy in seaborne host ,this way is better.

3, put the wires from the center of the base from the round hole location and connection socket.

4, install four base level under the adjusting screw,
Reload to connect the base and the main body of the four small screws.

Flip over the table.take off everything.
5,take off two black plastic on the side, open the desktop board.

5A, in order to transportation safety, four heavy card long aluminum plate has been removed in the square carton,
Please follow the sign back order, and then back to the desktop board

6, long carton with 4 plastic frame, with eight small screw section for tightening up (screw it lightly first).
7, connect 4 long plastic pressure box (desktop), on the desktop and then tighten the screw.
8, connect the power reference again after operation.


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